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  • Even more MEGA
    Chris Lees recently published research into decrypting the MEGA megaprefences database, and went further by releasing a script to automate the process. This was truly excellent work, and generous to share this with the community. With his permission, I’ve adapted his script, added in some extra nuggets from some research, and provide some validation below. […]
  • OMGboard
    Android and iOS users can install custom keyboards on their device. Alternative keyboards may offer various features to enhance the user experience. Forensic artefacts from a third party keyboard have potential to offer insightful evidence which may corroborate other activity on a device. One such keyboard application is GBoard, from Google. Yohesh Khatri (@SwiftForensics) has […]
  • Tempo, a lightweight timestamp decoder for MacOS
    I tend to gravitate towards the Mac during forensic analysis for a number of reasons. Command Line Tools like grep, awk, sed, sort, uniq, wc. Examinations tend to be more artefact focused and less tool reliant as the majority of tools are Windows based. Personal bias on Mac v Windows user experience. Not aware of […]
  • Decoding is one of the largest online Chess platforms. Their Android application, com.chess, ranks in the top 10 for many countries within Northern America and Northern Europe. App Features Account Users of the can record their username, first name, last name and location on their profile. Friends Users can find and invite friends. Messages […]
  • Decoding Vaulty
    Intro to Vaulty Vaulty is a free app which provides a PIN/password protected secure folder. Users can upgrade to make use of additional privacy features such as disguising the app. Usage Setting up the app, the user is prompted to configure a PIN, password, or opt to use none. Having set up, entry to the […]
  • Using Regular Expressions to solve Wordle
    Wordle is a word-guessing game that became popular in January 2022. The game works by the player guessing at words and receiving feeback on the letters and their placement. A correct letter in the correct place is green, a correct letter in the wrong place is yellow, an incorrect letter is grey and removed from […]
  • At the roundabout, take the second exit…
    Audio files can easily be overlooked in digital forensic investigations. The eco-system for automated analysis just doesn’t exist in the same way that it does for other artefacts such as images and videos. But audio can provide some insightful information. Google Maps Google Maps generates directions in audio form during a navigated journey. What’s more, […]