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Tempo, a lightweight timestamp decoder for MacOS

I tend to gravitate towards the Mac during forensic analysis for a number of reasons.

  • Command Line Tools like grep, awk, sed, sort, uniq, wc.
  • Examinations tend to be more artefact focused and less tool reliant as the majority of tools are Windows based.
  • Personal bias on Mac v Windows user experience.

Not aware of any existing solutions, I’ve been wanting a lightweight timestamp decoder for MacOS.

So here is introducing Tempo. A menu bar app that currently offers unix epoch timestamp decoding from the menu bar, with history.

Please bear in mind this is a very early version, a minimum viable product! In fact, Tempo is very much a quick and dirty solution.

Tempo is free, open source, simple but not complete.

If there is interest and good feedback, I will look to add more formats including Cocoa Core Data and Google Chrome.

The project is hosted on GitHub, where you will also find the latest release!

Please get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, GitHub Issues or email if you have any thoughts, feedback or issues.


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